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From standard drip cakes to custom theme based cakes, you can select from a wide variety of designs or get a cake specifically designed to suit your occasion!

Drip cakes - simple cakes decked up with chocolates, fruits or sprinkles!

Character cakes - see your favorite characters come alive in these custom cakes!

Personalized cakes - designed especially to include elements/themes of your choice!


Beautiful, moist cupcakes made specially for your celebration - mix and match flavors and frosting to create the perfect bite!

Standard cupcakes - created in a variety of colors decked up with chocolates, fruits or sprinkles!

Custom cupcakes - designed especially for you based on themes, characters and custom messages of your choice!


This crowd pleaser is sure to delight the taste buds of young and old alike - choose from host of flavors or customize your cookies!

Frosted sugar cookies - available in multiple shapes and designs to match your theme or occasion!

Soft baked cookies - get your batch of freshly baked cookies to make your morning coffee even better!

Cookie gift boxes - surprise your loved ones with these beautifully packed cookie assortments!

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